Don’t stop communicating during the corona crisis!

Waarom is crisis communicatie zo belangrijk?

Why is crisis communication important?

Right now, the situation is changing every day. Doors are closing and ways of working are changing. It causes a lot of confusion with employees and makes the customers unsure if you’re even available at all.


Unfortunately, you can’t go by for a visit, or get them together to straighten things out. But if you don’t communicate anything, it only causes more stress or you could miss out on new projects entirely.

What can Funk-e do for you?

With short and clear communication, you can take away those doubts and concerns right away. Our animations and infographics help you tell your story and reach your customers and employees wherever they are.


And in this Corona crisis we can even finish this product in just three days!

Product communication
Product communication

Has your product or service changed? Can customers reach you in a different way? Or is it business as usual? Let your customers know what’s possible. Then, they won’t think twice when they want to get in touch and start a new project.

Internal communication
Internal communication

During this time there are new measures, like working from home or different working hours. This causes even more uncertainty. So, give your employees peace of mind and let them know what’s going on. 

Communication on Corona virus
Communication on Corona

Does the corona crisis change essential things in your industry or are you helping out wherever you can? Share what you are doing and keep your customers and employees up to date.


What does this look like?

Case 1: Herd Immunity
Case 2: New instructions
Case 3: A new proposition
Corona crisis herd immunity

What is herd immunity?

When the Dutch government mentioned the term “herd immunity” in a press conference, we wanted to explain what this meant right away. After research and a discussion with a microbiologist, we started production. Within just 48 hours we finished a super clear video in two languages!

What does the corona crisis mean for you? New instructions

What does the corona crisis mean for you?

During the corona crisis, measures change every day. No more shaking hands, travel restrictions and eventually social distancing. With constant updates in the form of infographics, we explained what the Funk-e team could expect and had to do every step of the way.

A new proposition

What is our proposition during the corona crisis?

Because changes happen even faster than normal and budgets are tight, we decided to change our product. With media like a video, infographic and this landing page, we let our customers know what is possible in this difficult time.

Herd immunity


A new proposition


Curious how we create a video during this crisis? 

Check out how we all work together, without ever leaving our homes!

Finished in 3 days!

Our process starts with a four-hour session. Usually in our office, now in a video call!

We discuss the information you want to share, set up a structure and draft the concept on the spot. Once the text and images are approved, we start production right away!


Within three days your video or infographic is finished and ready to be shared!


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