How does a Funk-e sprint work?

Developing an internal communication plan and drafting all the media in just one week, how do we do it?

Funk-e Sprint Day 0 Preperation
Funk-e Sprint Preparation

Day 0: Preparation

The week actually starts before the first day. Preparation is key to making your Sprint week a success. With our Sprint Homework form we gather all the information we need to kick off the Sprint.

Day 1: Kick-off workshop

In the Kick-off Workshop, our Funk-e Consultant joins your project team to discuss topics, target audiences and your goals. Once we all agree, our consultant interviews people from your audience to double check on details.

Funk-e Sprint Day 1 Kick-off Workshop
Funk-e Campaign Sprint kick-off workshop
Funk-e Campaign Sprint Day 2 Employee Journey Workshop
Funk-e Employee Journey Workshop

Day 2: Employee Journey workshop

Once we’re sure we have the right information; we decide which audience needs what information and what kind of media to be successful. This way, we can create employee journeys for each audience and a media plan around them.

Day 3-5: Concept development

Together, we create the concepts for all the media in the media plan! With brainstorms and live sketching we bring the key products in your campaign to life.

Funk-e Campaign Sprint Concept Development
Funk-e Sprint Concept Development
Funk-e Campaign Sprint Day 05 Journey Presentation
Funk-e Campaign Journey Presentation

Day 5: Journey presentation

At the end of day 5, we show you the results and concepts from our sprint. In just one week, you can see your entire campaign, from first introduction to last instructions.

Want your own Funk-e Sprint?

Way of working

How easy is it to prepare for a Funk-e Sprint?

Mini Consult homework form
Mini Consult
Right people, right time
Fill in Sprint Homework form
The last details!
Funk-e Campaign Sprint Fill In Mini Consult Homework Form

Step 1: Fill in the Mini Consult homework form

Before we start with your sprint, we join you in a Mini Consult to discuss the key elements of your project. Together with your project team you provide the topic, problem, message and target audiences, three days for the Consult.

Funk-e Campaign Mini Consult with a Consultant

Step 2: Do a Mini Consult with a Funk-e Consultant

Our consultant joins you and your project colleagues for about 90 minutes to review the details you’ve sent us. So we can make sure we understand your problem and message.

Funk-e Campaign Mini Consult with The Right People At The Right Time

Step 3: The right people at the right time

Everything will be developed in that one sprint week, so invite at least three colleagues from your team. Like someone who knows a lot about the content and who can make key decisions. Or someone from brand, as we’ll be working with style elements, too.

Funk-e campaign sprint mini consult homework form filled in

Step 4: Fill in the Sprint homework form

This form includes all the content you’ll discuss in your Sprint Kick-off, like subtopics, available channels and planning priorities. Review this with your project team, send it over five days before your sprint and you’re ready to go!

Funk-e Campaign Mini Consult The Last Details

Step 5: The last details!

The sprint will require your full attention, so make sure everything else is covered. If you’re coming to us, ask us about directions and hotels. If we’re coming to you, make sure you reserve a room for the week and register us as visitors. This way, we can use every second to focus on delivering a great campaign!

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