Case study:
New identity of ABB PMU Frankfurt

ABB PMU Frankfurt new identity campaign
New identity for ABB PMU Frankfurt


Innovation is key for any company. And especially for the ABB PMU in Frankfurt. That’s why they wanted everyone in the company to start bringing their ideas to the table. From the managers to everyone in the factory.


Their plan was to introduce a new identity and values, to include every employee and inspire them.


The people working at the company were very diverse. From people working there for thirty years and more to people just starting out.


The older generation had seen many changes and ambitions come and go. They had some resistance to even more new ideas and changes and didn’t always feel very understood.


The younger generation was  influenced by the experienced older group but they were more open to innovation.


How do you reach and motivate them both?

Define the Problem of the ABB case
Problem in the ABB Case
Game changer: The ABB team and employees
Let's put it to work

Game Changer

“Listen to your audience”

Might seem obvious, but in our interviews we discovered that the employees didn’t need (another) new identity. They actually already had a very strong identity themselves.


After interviewing employees, we discovered that they all shared a love for detail and quality. It’s what makes the product they produce so good and dependable.


That’s why our advice to the leadership was: don’t create a new identity, show appreciation for the one that’s already there.


With a highly detailed and inspiring video we put several ambassadors in the spotlight. And several other media like posters and infographics, made clear that what everyone was doing was amazing.

Internal Animation


External Animation

Case study: New identity of ABB PMU Frankfurt
Campaign Results ABB


There were many positive reactions to the campaign. This led to full attendance of all innovation workshops. And thanks to these inter-department workshops the interaction between white collar and blue collar employees increased. 


Thanks to this campaign we achieved exactly what was needed to include and inspire different employees.


“When I first saw the video about our new identity i got goosebumps”


Production facility employee

“Funk-e really helped us narrow our focus on telling the right story”


Manager and project lead at ABB

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