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Funk-e explains complex internal communication topics with animations, infographics and unique illustration styles.

way back when

How it all began...

Why did so many companies have to be so consistently vague and boring with their communication? Why not make it fun and exciting!? This is the question that started it all back in 2009. 


It's true that many companies make spectacular advertisements to communicate with consumers, but pay little to no attention to other forms of communication (particularly internally). This often results in extremely dry, un-engaging business communication in the least attractive form. Think of all those lengthy documents, boring videos, incomprehensible presentations and emails with attachments that nobody will ever open. Just think, employees are the heart and soul of any business - why not make the effort to effectively communicate with them?

No more explanation waste.

no more explanation waste, that's our dream
Clear internal communication is our dream

That's our dream.

A world in which companies communicate in a clear, engaging and specific manner. That's our dream; only then will we be completely satisfied.


Currently, our tools to achieve this goal are our explanation products, advice and workshops. But of course, we know there's more required to fully achieve our vision. That's why we are constantly developing new services to facilitate better communication. 


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Who are we?

From the first day that we started explaining, we have been an alliance with both business and creative backgrounds. This is reflected in both our approach and our products. 

From a business perspective, we look very critically at the usefulness, necessity and use of your creative resources. Making media is cool, but how does it fit in with your business goals?


You can also see it in the DNA of our products; what do we prioritise? Always explanation quality and understanding. The style, look and feel of the explanation may vary, but we always maintain the highest quality of explanation.

Who or what is Funk-e?
5000 animations produced
5,000+ animations made
1000 clients happy
For 1,000+ clients
Visible in more than 35 countries
Active in 35+ countries


What is our method?
How do we work

How do we work?

One of the biggest struggles of media production is having the required information and finding a way get imaginative and present it in a creative way.


That's why we work with you during our design process in a session. The session enables us to collect and process lots of information very quickly. This does mean you invest a bit more time at the start of the project, but you save countless hours in feedback time later in the project because we've already defined the concept together.


This also allows you to have a very clear idea of what the end product will look like. We define clear concepts with sketches and explanations so you're not faced with any surprises later; a truly effortless experience!

We eliminate explanation waste for all types of businesses!

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Our secret weapon,
our people!

The art of explaining derives from understanding what you want to achieve, and understanding what your audience needs to achieve that with you. Knowing how, when and what to explain can be a difficult challenge, but our explanation experts are here to help. Let us present the driving force behind Funk-e!

Our secret weapon... the team
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