Let's make internal communication just as awesome as external

At Funk-e we love to help internal communicators reach massive audiences with complex messages through simple explanation materials and effective change campaigns.

Internal communication just as awesome as external

What we offer?

Want to get that complex topic clearly explained?

Funk-e Explain: creating a clear message.

Funk-e Explain makes topics – like a process, tool or strategy, clear with short videos or infographics. Our explanation experts use super clear text and images to get your message across.

Want to get your change heard by everyone in your company?

Funk-e Change: spreading a clear message.

The Funk-e Change consultants create a communication plan to spread your message to your audience. With videos, infographics or the other media we make your project a success.

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Want to know which approach is best for your product?

Find out what each label could mean for your organisation.

Watch our interview at BNR radio on our views on internal change communication

Watch the interview of Alexander Broekman at BNR Radio about our views on internal communication

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Funk-e really helped us narrow our focus on telling the right story

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Case study: New identity of ABB PMU Frankfurt

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