about us.

simple words and clear explanations, that’s what we believe in at funk-e

We really don’t like buzzwords or vague slogans. Flexible? Transparent? That doesn’t mean anything. And how do you visualize transparency? With nothing? Nah, we’d rather use concrete and simple words to get a clear explanation. Of course with a lot of humor. Whether it’s in the explanimation or infographic, or in the way we make them. Business has to be fun.

From the heart of Rotterdam and Düsseldorf we’ve made over 1.200 animations! 

And for really cool clients too, like Coca-Cola, NASA, Bayer and Deloitte.

When you have an animation made by Funk-e, our team of 30 cool dudes and chicks do everything to make your video awesome. We are design nerds, grow like crazy and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Funk-e is part of the Empire of Awesome, with the masterplan to make the world a cooler place.

the team

alexander broekman
alexander broekman boss
joost vissers
joost vissers boss
richard schepers
richard schepers operations mngr
vincent loopstra
vincent loopstra creative director
kevin okkema
kevin okkema project manager
gonne van der laken
gonne van der laken explainer
juriaan van berkel
juriaan van berkel explainer
marijn van de vrie
marijn van de vrie explainer
steven van eekelen
steven van eekelen animator
niels van herk
niels van herk art director
jelle maarten  de vries
jelle maarten de vries art director
guido nuijten
guido nuijten marketing mngr
farnoosh shamohamadi
farnoosh shamohamadi marketeer
frank lieve
frank lieve account director
lennart pieters
lennart pieters accountmanager
kizzy chin a foeng
kizzy chin a foeng accountmanager
lucia duivenvoorde
lucia duivenvoorde account manager
peter moelker
peter moelker develop mngr
sule aksoy
sule aksoy office manager
celeste brem
celeste brem talent manager
florian stieler
florian stieler manager (DE)
gitte adam
gitte adam project mngr (DE)
rouven erang
rouven erang explainer (DE)
aljosa mujabasic
aljosa mujabasic art director (DE)
theresa müller
theresa müller jr art director (DE)
josh ruha
josh ruha animator (DE)
marco  strunk
marco strunk account mngr (DE)



1000 animations!


winner of the 48 hour film project!

yes! we won the 48 hour film project rotterdam! check the result here


2nd expansion of our office


20th employee

we keep on growing!


750 animations!


office kurfustendam

alright… so you’re going to germany… and want an office. where do you go? berline of course!! at the kurfustendam! boom


german office moved

more room and more fanciness. the german team took over a super fancy office space at the thiemannstrasse.

500 animations!

boom!! like half a thousand animations! and with every single one of them we make the world more funk-e. sweeet.


15th employee

welcome welcome! our newest team member is here to make even more awesome animations. let’s go!


toroleo tv commercial

photography, film and big noisy cars, what more do you want? with this awesome production we took full advantage of our new fancy studio!


200 animations

we did it! we’ve made… ehh… that’s 200 hundred times 75 seconds… 15.000 seconds of animation awesomeness! 


funk-e 5 years

seems like yesterday we were just starting this crazy funk-e ride, but now it we’ve become a full team of cool dudes and chicks. time to celebrate!


expanded office

from just two little office spaces to… endless awesomeness! featuring glass session rooms, an audio booth, a pitch-e stage and a full studio! wooohooo!!


first pitch-e pizza pitch night

the first training for a 60 second pitch in our office. learning to structure and present in just one night!


300 animations

not 100… nope, not 200… but 300 funk-e animations made! 


funk-e on the web shop fair

one day, 5 interviews and hundreds of stands. funk-e takes over the web shop fair in utrecht and animates the future of the webshop world!


funk-e goes to germany

no border can stop us! it’s time to make the germans happy with super awesome animations!


beard hired

stock up on coffee and prepare yourself for bearded stories, vincent’s joining the team! an art director on a mission to make the world a prettier place! boom!


funk-e moved

gather your stuff, we’re moving to the aert van nes in the heart of rotterdam! red floors and a killer view, what else do you need?


funk-e founded

born and raised in rotterdam. this is where it all began with just two guys and a vision!