About us.

Simple words and a clear explanation.

Once upon a time there were...

two International Business students at the Erasmus University who were really fed up. Why did all the presentations and videos in the business world have to be sooooo incredibly vague and boring? Smart suits were swapped for jeans and a t-shirt. The boys engaged a couple of creatives from the Rotterdam Art Academy. Funk-e Animations was born!

Since then, we have helped hundreds of companies with more than 1700 super clear animations! And we no longer just create animations. We also create infographics, posters, and much, much more to simplify even the most complicated topic using full explanation campaigns. But no matter how much we do, the original drive for clarity and humour will always remain.

It's all about conquering the world together!

Well how do we do that? Well, it's pretty simple. Together! We are a team of creative and business people. Art directors, explainers (that’s what we call copywriters), account managers, marketing managers, consultants, project managers and developers. By combining our skills, we can create the most beautiful things.

Creating awesome 


The team

alexander broekman
alexander broekman boss
joost vissers
joost vissers boss
lennart pieters
lennart pieters commercial mngr
vincent loopstra
vincent loopstra creative director
gonne van der laken
gonne van der laken explainer
robin zevenbergen
robin zevenbergen explainer
steven van eekelen
steven van eekelen animator
wilfred wissink
wilfred wissink art director
niels van herk
niels van herk art director
danny van zaal
danny van zaal illustrator
janna de cort
janna de cort consultant
erwin vd meulen
erwin vd meulen account manager
nikki verstegen
nikki verstegen project manager
peter moelker
peter moelker develop mngr
tim keesmaat
tim keesmaat developer
annette van der steen
annette van der steen finance assistent