using animations to get attention for your cause

using animations to get attention for your cause

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What are heart and vascular diseases? And how can you timely recognize them? Well… that’s a difficult issue. That’s why the Hartstichting (translated: Heart foundation) wants to do more research on this topic. But research can’t just be done out of the blue, it costs a lot of money. Therefore, the Hartstichting collects money during the collection and promotion weeks with a special focus on women.  For that reason, it’s important to explain the reasons behind the research as clear as possible, so it’s understandable for a broad audience.  
But this is not always easy. On TV and radio you don’t have a lot of time to explain something. And a complex topic can’t be explained in a 30-second commercial! So how can you express the importance of this research clearly? Let me tell you how, with an explanation animation of course! 

Based on the story of Hartstichting, we made the following explanation animation: 
Followed with an explanation animation specifically focussed on research on women. 

During the campaign, the explanation animation was first distributed on the website, social media and presentations of the Hartstichting. In the end both animations were used by the campaign team and it seemed to be very effective to inform parties such as partners, reporters and other relations about the purpose of the Hartstichting. 
The animations performed very good social media. Additionally, it was very effective to inform colleagues about this complex topic in a fun and easy way.

The animation was even used in a TV show ‘RTL late night’. So they were able to spread out the message on a big scale, awesome! Read more about this in the blog on the website of the Hartstichting. 

Do you also want to support the Hartstichting or are you curious about their activities? Click on this link for more information! Or subscribe to their YouTube channel.
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