Using animation to introduce IT-changes

Using animation to introduce IT-changes

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So, you work at a company that couldn’t do without technology. Okay, these days, that could be any company. Sometimes it’s necessary to update your company. It can be quite the challenge to communicate this to your coworkers. And you have to get them ready for this change!

So… how do you introduce IT-changes to the whole company? 


The Dutch branche of the multinational Deloitte couldn’t get their heads around this either. You see, they wanted the department to exchange their laptop for a brand new one; within a day! To make such a plan happen, it was crucial everyone would understand why. It also had to be explained in a clear way. Their first idea was to give workshops to let everyone know. But, running workshops for about 5.000 employees would take Deloitte at least 10 weeks.

George the animation-hero

Deloitte wanted to be sure everyone knew what the IT-changes meant.
That’s why three animations were made. First, the announcement, which was shown a couple of months before the switch. 

After a while, the second animation was shown throughout the company to explain every step of the process for the employees.

A few days before the IT-changes took place, the last one was shown. With every animation, a different chunk of information about the proces was explained. To make sure everyone would know what was coming, and make the proces go smoothly. The animations also explained how the employees should prepare for the IT-change. That way, they could go back to work quickly. 

The plan to introduce the laptop switch didn’t only contain animationvideo as communication-tool. Delotte used one of their characters of their personalised Funk-e animation-style for flyers, e-mails and their support-site. Oh, and they also gave that character a name: George!


The day of the laptop-switch, everyone was fully prepared. People even wore T-shirts with George on it! Most employees signed up on time to swap their laptops, This way of communicating was so popular, Deloitte also used the animation videos in other countries! So now you can see George in Canada Italy and England as well!