presenting your product at a fair

presenting your product at a fair

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So, you have come up with a new product. And you truly believe that this product will make life a bit easier.

You already know WHERE you would like to show your product: at a fair! If you choose wisely which fair, you can already know what your audience’s interests are. You can also make personal contact with your client. Awesome! But… how will you stand out?
Sooo… how do you present your product at a fair in an exciting way?

That’s the question Goderma, a start-up from Berlin, had. The company developed a medical app that’s super nifty. With that app, you’re able to take a picture of your skinproblem. Then, you send it to a certified dermatologist who’ll diagnose you online!
The app had to be presented in an informative yet impressive way. That’s why we’ve made an animation! We translated the core of Goderma’s message to a 75-second animationvideo. That way, we immediately grabbed the clients’ attention. Once you have their attention, you can give your audience a little bit more information regarding your product. For example, the remaining details or more background info. 

Goderma brought this Funk-e animation video to the hy!fair in Berlin and used it in their presentation. They started the presentation with the animation video. This way, the audience would immediately understand what they were offering. The audience was enthusiastic, and immediately interested in the concept! After the animation video, all the facts and stats of the app were shared with the audience, and they were super excited!

Great job, Goderma!