Keeping the workplace safe with an animation

Keeping the workplace safe with an animation

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Small mistakes can lead to big consequences

Sooo, you work at a company where safety is a really big deal. Like in a hospital, on a construction site, or an office. So, safety is important in every company! Sometimes, small mistakes can lead to big consequences. For both employees and employers, it can be really awful when something bad happens.
But… how do you make sure everyone knows the safety rules? 
That’s exactely the question construction firm Heijmans had to nail. Placing window-frames at a heigth of 100 meters and working with hot asphalt are daily matters at Heijmans. And a lot can go terribly wrong during these activities. 

Heijmans needed to make sure everyone would know exactly what to do in an unsafe situation. That’s why they introduced the safety program ‘GO! No accidents’*. This program includes for example an app where you can give notice of unsafe situations. You can also ask 'GO!'-coaches anything about safety.
Of course, this new program had to be announced to every employee. Heijmans is a large company that with over 4.000 employees and quite a few different locations across the country. That means giving presentations wasn’t really an option, and it would’ve taken waaaaay too much time. And besides, you’ll never know if everyone understood your presentation.

To ensure every employee would be informed through the whole process, we have made six different animations. Every animation explains a different aspect of ‘GO!’ and has been made in the Heijmans Funk-e style. As a reminder, the characters from the animations appear throughout the whole company. Even on posters and USB flash drives!

The six animations were placed online, for example on their website and intranet. This way, employees would see them for sure. And that’s exactly what happenend! 100% of the employees knew about the new safety program. And since 2013, 40% less accidents happened!
You did an awesome job, Heijmans!
* Original: GO! Géén ongevallen!