Explaining complicated medical info in animations

Explaining complicated medical info in animations

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Ever heard of adrenal glands? Any idea what they do? Probably not and that goes for many people. But there are various diseases that have something to do with the adrenal glands, such as Addison, CAH, and Cushing. Most of these are chronic disorders and can be deadly when left untreated. That is why knowledge is extremely important! Patients need to understand their illnesses, as do the people around them so that they are able to help when it's needed. 

And that's where we come in! We got together with doctors, hospitals, and patients to prepare informative videos covering as many topics as possible.

We have created more than 8 explanimations in various languages that explain the complicated diseases in 75 seconds. We told four-year olds why they need to wear a medical necklace and take a little pill every day:

We’ve also made a video for adults to explain the adrenal glands, as well as the pituitary gland and the hormones involved in the process: 

We’ve even illustrated which steps you should follow when applying an Emergency Injection:

BijnierNET researched the effects of the animations. In their magazine De Bijnier they share their results. It turns out that people enjoy watching the animations and take in the information very well.

Want to know more about BijnierNET? Go to www.bijniernet.nl or check out all animations on YouTube.

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