Why a campaign?

Some topics are impossible to explain in a single animation or infographic. For example, when a topic is very complicated and just doesn’t fit, or because the target audience varies wildly. Some may already know quite a lot and want to get into more detail, while others may still need and introduction. In that case, you don’t send everyone the same info, of course! You’ll need a campaign! But what is it?


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What is a campaign?

A campaign is a series of explanatory products that are presented to your target audience at different times through various channels. It doesn’t just look at which information is relevant, but also takes into account the order in which the information is shared. In addition, campaigns don’t just improve people's knowledge; it also shows you how to apply it.


To share knowledge, we follow the three steps of the learning process:


The target group is aware that the topic is relevant for them personally.


Giving the right instructions using easily recognizable practical examples.


Repetition of the main components, so everyone acts accordingly.

Instant campaigns

Before a campaign starts, we run a number of steps past the customer. We find out all sorts of things about a specific topic and also interview the target audience. This means that during the roll-out of the campaign we can use the best possible explanatory products that tie in seamlessly with the target audience.

Any topics we have covered before have been included in an instant campaign! You can then choose specific explanatory products or decide to go for the complete instant campaign. After this, multiple animations, infographics and add-ons will be converted to your house style. And then it's up to you to launch your campaign!  

Custom campaigns

A campaign starts with the audience. How much do they know about your topic? If you’re not sure yet, then that's our starting point. We'll interview your target audience so we can get to know them, identifying any gaps in knowledge so we can answer this question objectively.

Know everything about your target audience already? Then we’ll continue straight to the next step. During a campaign sprint, we will put ourselves in the shoes of your target audience. We’ll discuss what you want to achieve with your campaign. Tell you about the gaps in knowledge and target audiences we have identified. And through which touchpoints we’ll be communicating. Then we draw up a complete campaign plan that tells you which resources and tools you should use to achieve your objective, and when.

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