why a copywriter writes your story for an animation?

why a copywriter writes your story for an animation?

We will tell you a little secret. Animated explanations are very fun to make. Writing the script for the voice-over actor is a special and challenging experience. That’s why we really understand that you want do it by yourself. Nobody knows your company better than you do! That’s right, but still.. it’s better if you leave it to the professionals. Your input is of course needed to make sure every bit of your explanation is right. But a clear, informative animation is only the beginning. A good voice-over must not only speak, but also appeal. A copywriter knows all the techniques to do that. Here are three good reasons why you should want the copywriter of Funk-e to write your script.

copywriting is knowing what you don’t need to tell.

Presentation, pitch or animation, the pitfall is the same. The bigger your specialism and enthusiasm, the longer you can continue telling about all the important characteristics and benefits of your service or product. A good copyrighter is critical and helps to set priorities.

By the way, there’s a big chance that you know this as ‘features and benefits’. And in that list there are probably also buzzwords like, efficiency, flexible and solutions. Ok, then 8 out of the 10 people of your target audience can hopefully understand your story, but you will lose 20% of the benefits of your animated explanation. Let somebody outside your specialism write the script, it will make your story more approachable.

explanimation is explaining and animating at the same time!

The copywriter and animator need to help each other. Sometimes a sentence is too long to have a good scene, and a copywriter needs to see that while writing. Sometimes, there are things that even the best artists can’t draw (like transparency), so direct feedback can be very helpful. This is how you avoid scenes where there is too little spectacle in text and images.

There is another interaction: timing. It is not needed to write a script as if it’s a cabaret, but a good dose of humor is important to keep the attention. Without timing there is no humor! It will probably be difficult to make jokes about something you are very serious about. No worries!

Our copywriters and animators know what you want to tell your audience and have the same sense of humor. Mostly because they play table tennis together and steal each other’s sandwiches. Put a Funk-e copywriter and animator to work and watch the magic happen!

structure in creative process and storyline

Brainstorm sessions. Who doesn’t know them? They bring everybody’s imagination come to life. It starts with an organogram that gets ‘hands and feet’. A few hours later your colleagues start to tumble about the question: should we an elephant with your company logo run over your biggest competitor or not?

A good copywriter leads the conversation, asks the right questions and can be strict without hurting somebody. That is nice, if you want to be home before diner but… do you have any saying in the story?
Consider the copywriter as a kind of funnel. Throw all the important information you have into the funnel to let it filter, sort and clarify.

Open yourself for a storyline that might feel a little uncomfortable, but you’ll really shine brighter with this storyline. In the next hour, the creative duo will work very hard and at the end they will present a fun and clear storyboard. Now it’s your turn to think as your target audience and give feedback. Which we will directly adjust. Saves adjustments afterwards! This is how we can cooperate with you to make good script for a very fun animated explanation.

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