how to pick a style for your animation

how to pick a style for your animation


So, you want to make an animated explanation. Awesome! And of course it has to look beau-ti-ful! That’s why we’re going to help you to find a style that fits your topic or company.

You can choose between STANDARD animations, in which the styles are already created or CUSTOM animations, which we develop specifically for you. For both you can choose the amount of detail in the animation. These are called the SIMPLE, BASIC or EXTENDED levels.

the STANDARD animations

For the STANDARD animations we’ve got three styles ready and waiting; the Handy, Business and the Vintage. And for every style there are three levels of details. So there are 3 times 3 options.

Don’t they look great?! You can even see the characters from the Handy, Business and Vintage styles dancing. Or have a look here at the animations we’ve made.


We’ll always use your company’s colors and logo in the animation. And because the rest of the style is already developed, we only need the story to start animating. That saves production time and costs. Nice!

There is a drawback though. Because you can’t use the characters and icons from the STANDARD style for you website, brochures or anything else. That’s a pity, isn’t it? Luckily we have a solution for that!

the CUSTOM animations

A CUSTOM style is completely yours, so you can use it everywhere. Brighten up your social media with the characters, use complete scenes in a banner or put icons on your website or in presentations. With a CUSTOM style your marketing campaign will be awesome! 

Having a CUSTOM style made is a one-time investment. And it is possible for all three levels of detail if you want. This way you can have SIMPLE, BASIC or EXTENDED animations in your own style, based on your budget and time frame. Neat!

So if you want something completely for yourself and want to stand out, go for a CUSTOM style.

Every style can be made in three levels of detail; SIMPLE, BASIC or EXTENDED. This simply means we develop the animation in two, five or ten days.

Because we always write the script first, your story will be clear and powerful for every level of detail. You can see the biggest differences in character detail, animated actions and the backgrounds.

For the SIMPLE animations this is kept to a minimum. Characters don’t have faces and will slide in, instead of walk. Emotion is shown by waving angry with their arms. Icons are often used to show movement or terms. This way the animations can be created quickly, which makes them cheaper too.

For the BASIC animations we choose what they are able to do, depending on the story and style. Does the character have to use your product? We make sure they can bend their arms. Is it more about emotion? Then they’ll have a face. Characters are also more dressed up. A nice moustache, a fancy tie or even whole construction worker outfits. This way it’s immediately clear who they are. And because there’s more detail in the backgrounds, you’ll immediately know what situation there’re in.

Last but not least the EXTENDED animations, in which we go aaaaallll out. The realistic characters and detailed backgrounds bring your story to life! Characters can fully bend their arms and knees. This way they’ll be able to show precisely how your product works. You can see cranes on a building site and piles of paper in an office. With an EXTENDED animation you’re sure the viewer is fascinated by your story.

Well, that was a lot of beautiful stuff. Do you already know what your animation has to look like, or do you need some advice? Call us!