how do I know if an animation is worth the investment?

how do I know if an animation is worth the investment?

In our previous post we already told you more about the consideration by picking the right level of detail and style for your animated explanation. Making a good animation stays a big investment. When is it wisely to have an animation and when is it better to wait for a little while? This is stuff that you should take into consideration.

am I ready for an explanation?

Animated explanations are very useful and popular for startups to collect a capital through crowdfunding. Animations help you to explain what your product or service is and why you are the one they need to invest in. It doesn’t stop after this startup phase. When you want to renew or optimize your product, it can be helpful to explain the added value. You can explain it through instructions full of specifications, but an animation is, of course, easier. The fewer information people need to read, the better. But…. To be honest, an animation can also be a trap for starting entrepreneurs. Why? It often happens that, based on the collected feedback, the product or service need some small or big changes whereby the animations can lose its relevance.

Maybe you find out that your invented drone made of cardboard isn’t as waterproof as you thought. And you just posted your awesome idea on all sorts of platforms and fora! You really have to try hard to correct this misconception, and thereby it’s going to cost you money to change the animation. You can prevent that by skipping the part where you’re not sure about during the first production. If anything needs to be added, it costs less money and effort. In some cases, it’s smarter to wait for a little while until your product is tested and you’re sure that the basics won’t change anymore.

what if I don’t take an animation?

Just like every marketing and communication expense, it’s hard to show what the results were and are going to be. The easiest way to measure this is through an A/B test of your landing page. One period with animation and one period without. This test will give you insights in the number of leads, and you can measure the conversion. If you recognize yourself in the next situation, an animation can be definitely worth the investment:

It costs a lots of text on our website and in personal conversation to explain what we exactly do.
This is by far the most common reason why organizations use an animated explanation. Nowadays, products and services get more and more complex, and the target audience needs more knowledge to understand it. It’s very tempting to use beautiful terminology to look very professional… but watch out! There’s a risk your target audience has no idea what you’re talking about, and they’ll stop listening very easily. At Funk-e, we call it: the escalation of bullshit! Symptoms of this ‘problem’ are high bounce rates on your website. Visitors stay only briefly on you’re the website, the quality of incoming leads are low and prospects ask questions about your company that makes no sense. All of these symptoms cost you time and money!
We’re looking for a source to distinguish us from the competition and at the same time to convince our target audience of the benefits of our product of service.

Animated explanations are popular because they are multifunctional and just super awesome to look at. But, the animation itself is not unique. It’s very important that the animation is tailored to your target audience. It’s very likely that they don’t have the same knowledge as you, but they’re not stupid. So make sure that you show how the benefits come about and let your target audience conclude, like: Wow, this is a really cool product, this is exactly what I need! The more they understand your explanation, the more expertise you show. That’s how you really convince everybody!

how do you use an animation?

We would like to add that you should think about using your animation in advance. In which phase of the ‘customer journey’ do you want your target audience to see the video? Through which medium will they see the animation? An animated explanation has a lot more potential than just brighten up the landing page.

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