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So, you’re looking for an animation studio? To showcase a new product, concept or to clearly explain an internal policy.

At Funk-e we make super clear animations! We stick to the core of your story and always add some humor. This way we've already made over 1738 animations! Want to know more, contact us or check out our portfolio!

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how do we work?

an animation made within 1 week!

Since our establishment in 2009, we have developed a solid process at our animation company to make animations in a quick way. This way, we can help you to change your information into an awesome movie.

Our animation studio makes different kinds of animation, from simple and basic to fully custom styles! Use our animation picker to decide which style you prefer.

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why animation video?

Okay, so you have an awesome product, new internal policy or an amazing concept. You want to share that with the whooole world, right? But… it takes a lot of time to explain to everyone what it is and how it works, and then STILL not everybody knows what you mean! So, how CAN you clearly explain your story to everybody at once? Only if there was one of those animation companies that make awesome animations...

BOOM! Introducing… Funk-e! We are an animation studio, specialized in making short 2D videos, also called animated explanations. In 75 seconds, we can explain your product, policy or concept in an understandable way. It doesn’t matter how complicated, specialized or unclear the topic is. We make sure everybody will understand it. Use the video on your website, social media platform or use it for your presentation. You can even use the animated explanation on fairs, or for your marketing campaigns. Within 75 seconds, everybody understands your awesome story. And that’s great, isn’t it?


how does our animation studio work?

It is up to you to decide what your video has to look like. We have got three different styles to choose from: Extended, with a lot of details and movement, the Basic, which can explain everything clearly, and the super-fast Simple style, made in just five days! Not awesome enough? We have also got a few Standard Funk-e styles which you can choose from. Still not awesome enough? We can even make a custom style, just for you! Then our top dogs in the animation studio will get started.

Can’t wait anymore? Contact us, or check out our previous explanation animations, made in our own animation studio!