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why make animated explainer videos?
complex topics clear in 75 seconds!

So, you have this complex product that you want everyone to know about. But how do you explain it clearly without taking aaaages to do so?

By using an explanation animation! This will make your product or service super clear in only 75 seconds. Awesome right!? Take a look at our portfolio with over 1.738 animations made for more than 840 clients, or contact us directly!

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how do we work?
have an explainer video made within 1 week!

After having animated more than 1.738 explanation videos, we’ve developed a fast production process. Look at the video on the right to see how we work!

At Funk-e we have different styles of animation. We offer simple and standard styles, all the way up to a fully customized style! Use our animation picker to see which style you prefer.

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what is an explanation animation

An explanation animation. Sounds fancy, right? But what is it exactly? It’s an animation video where you can explain your product, service or idea in only 75 seconds! We at Funk-e are an explainer video company that has made over 1.378 animations for more than 840 clients! So if you want to make animated explainer videos, you’ve come to the right place!


for what can you use an animated explainer video?

For A LOT, actually! For example, you can use the explainer video production on your website to grab your visitor’s attention AND explain clearly what it is you do. Or you can use the explainer video to sweep your audience off their feets during a sales pitch. Also, if you're planning to go to a fair, an explanation animation could be a big solution for attracting people to your stand and making sure that they understand your product and service.


what will the explainer video look like?

That is all up to you to decide! At Funk-e we have three different styles of animation videos: the Extended with a lot of movement and detail, the Basic that can basically explain EVERYTHING, and the extremely fast Simple that can be made in only five days! Cool right?! We also have different Standard styles from which you can choose. Still not awesome enough? We can also make a fully customized style, just for you! After a style is chosen, our Funk-e expert start with your explanation animation.

Want to know more about making an explainer video? Contact us or see our cool examples in our portfolio!