what are add-ons?

If you want your audience to remember a key point, these “add-ons” are essential! An add-on is designed to repeat a single point, which can be done in all kinds of ways. On a poster, for instance, or on a coffee mug that says everyone should be careful when handling data. It's something your target audience sees every day! With such a short message, your story sticks a lot longer. Isn’t that fantastic? It doesn’t matter which add-on you want, you always create it together with an animation or infographic. Wondering what you can do with add-ons? Not sure which style is right for you?

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... short and powerful instruction

  • A catchy intro and 3 explanatory points

  • Often used as a hand-out

  • Available in A4 or A5 sizes



... a single clear instruction

  • Contains little text and one illustration

  • Is derived from the animation or infographic

  •  Available in all sizes



Instruction sticker

... instruction at the moment of action

  • Suitable for targeted repetition

  • Can be stuck to any surface

  • Maximum size: A5




... repeat a short instruction

  • Average 15 seconds

  • Includes two scenes that could for example
    explain  a problem and a solution

  • Both scenes have a text block

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