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Funk-e makes 75 second explanation animations that can be used to clearly explain your product, concept or internal policy. Watch our awesome animations below!


our animations:

schiphol cargo eLink (EN)
worldpack bunzl retail
future engineers no up or down
goboxi goboxi
HAL allergy what are allergies?
schiphol cargo how we handle pharmaceuticals

pick your animation in two steps.


standard or custom style?

Would you like a custom style? Or would you like to use our standard styles? A custom style will be desigened specifically and exclusively, for your company. Standard styles are only customized according to your branding colors.

the level of detail?

How much detail would you like in your animation? We have three levels of detail: simple, basic and extended. More detail means, amongst others, more elaborate backgrounds and characters. This allows for more humor and visual jokes.


  • Use a Funk-e style in your own branding colors.
  • Choose from 3 different styles (vintage, handy, business).
  • No extra costs for style development. Funk-e remains owner of the rights.


  • Your own style based on your company's branding and story.
  • Choose from 3 styles specifically developed for you.
  • Possibility to take over all the usage rights to the characters and backgrounds.

5 production days

  • characters without faces
  • minimal character movement
  • minimal backgrounds


future engineers no up or down

8 production days

  • characters with emotions
  • moving characters
  • functional backgrounds


HAL allergy what are allergies?
schiphol cargo eLink (EN)

15 production days

  • detailed character emotions
  • full character movement
  • detailed backgrounds


docdata docdata connect
goboxi goboxi

Are you wondering what your animation would look like?

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